Thank you for all the memories

This past Saturday, 28 June, we welcomed close to 150 internal comms, intranet and digital pros to eBay’s offices in Richmond for an engaging, energetic and thought provoking day. This is the second year we ran the big yak, and this year’s event exceeded our expectations once again.

You all are special to us
We would like to thank our amazing list of sponsors who made the event possible. Thank you to every single one of them for trusting us with the vision of an unconference.

Thank you to our special crew of volunteers who arrived early for set up, kept the energy levels up throughout the day and stayed to the very end to help clean up.

Most of all, we want to thank every single one of YOU, our delegates, ¬†for attending Saturday’s the big yak. It is something special to get up early on a Saturday and to donate part of your precious weekend to us. We feel a Saturday event is really important to the success of the big yak, as you really want to be there and don’t have work distracting you from the debates and discussions. As we have said throughout the day and even leading up to Saturday, the day is only as good as what you put in. If the topics you want to discuss are not being discussed then suggest a session, if a session you are currently in is not working for you, then move to another. Many of you did just that and made our unconference even stronger. The framework of our success is based on all of you – wanting to be there, not being forced, and by being vocal. Thank you for being amazing participants!

We want to hear from you
We have created a 12 question survey for you to share your feedback with us. Please take 4-8 minutes to complete our survey (it really is quick) to let us know what worked, what didn’t and what we could improve.

Over the next few days we will be posting our own wrap up of the event and then on Friday we will post a list of links of all the blog posts from all of you. Please do highlight your blog post either by using the #thebigyak hashtag on Twitter, or by emailing us so we can add it to our list. If you don’t want to miss a single post from us please subscribe to get posts emailed directly to you.

Thank you
Jenni, Rachel & Dana

Post author: Dana Leeson