The big yak Lead sponsor profile

A couple weeks ago we wrote about our wonderful sponsors in making the big yak possible blog post. Their support allows us to create such a fantastic FREE event, which we know all of you are very excited about. We are excited too!

One of our sponsors – CIPR Inside – is our Lead sponsor and we couldn’t be happier to have them on board as a first time sponsor! We thought, for those of you who don’t know, that we would ask CIPR Inside to tell us a little big about themselves!

What is CIPR Inside?

CIPR Inside is the group for internal communication and employee engagement professionals who are CIPR members. The Chartered Institute of Public Relations covers the spectrum of communication disciplines and the different industries that many of us work in. Members can select the groups to suit their career needs.


Why should people join CIPR Inside?

Being a member of CIPR and specifically the CIPR Inside group gives you access to a brilliant network of other comms professionals who are committed to their profession and a great source of support and advice. You also get access to a wide selection of events and training, professional advice, the only Chartered standard for communication and a range of member benefits you’d expect from membership groups.


Tell us more about Closing the Gap conference

Closing the Gap is the theme of the conference this year. The idea emerged from attending the Edelman Employee Engagement briefing for the Trust Barometer. It revealed a disappointing gap between organisations and leaders knowing that employee engagement is important, and actually taking action to fix it.

The CIPR Inside committee members who create and manage the conference are volunteers who work in internal comms in their day jobs. Closing the gap struck a chord with them all because we are continually building bridges and making connections in our roles to help our organisations to communicate better, not just in employee engagement. We’ve pulled together a selection of award winning case studies and lightning talks under this theme to create an event that is set to inspire us all. Read more about the event on our website.

Remember, all big yak attendees get a special code for an amazing discount to CIPR Inside’s conference. This is valid until midnight Friday 19 August. Secure your spot now!

What do you love about the big yak? What are you looking forward to?

We all love the big yak at CIPR Inside. Its format is a great way for comms professionals to get together to yak, share ideas and challenges. It’s very friendly and social and the unconference syle used in 2014 really broke with the norm for events.

The very nature of the event: being free and created by the people for the people makes it very exciting. We’re looking forward to a day packed full of discussion, ideas and hearing from people working in our profession. What is challenging them and what is exciting them right now in 2016.

We’ll see you all there!


A final word from the IC Crowd – interested in attending the big yak?

A wait list is now in effect for all tickets. If you haven’t secured a spot, please do put your name on the wait list as we do release tickets each week. For those of you who have secured a spot but no longer can attend, please let us know by sending us a DM on twitter, or emailing us!