Rachel Miller @AllthingsIC, Jenni Wheller, Dana Leeson

L-R: Rachel, Jenni and Dana

The IC Crowd is a community and a place for people to connect and communicate and is the brainchild of Comms professionals Rachel Miller, Jenni Field and Dana Leeson.

Our channel of choice is Twitter. The internal communications (IC) community is thriving there and with so many connected and inspiring Comms pros around, it makes sense to be the vehicle to bring the crowd together.

The Big Yak unconference from The IC Crowd connects in-house and independent communicators face-to-face so they can learn and network. To yak is a colloquial way of saying to talk.

It has been designed by and for professional communicators. The yak returned for the fifth time on 9 October 2021. We gathered comms pros in 2013, 2014, 2016, 2018 and 2021.

Read our blog article for full info about The IC Crowd and do come and join the community @theICcrowd

Welcome to the crowd!

Rachel, Jenni and Dana.

17 December 2021 update: After 10 years, we announced the end of The IC Crowd. See the blog post for more information.